my first vlog. watch it or die.

so this is my first attempt at vlogging. my first idea was to talk about hidden talents, but then i realized i have none, so i vlogged about this instead. sorry. but you still need to watch it or else i will be coming after you with a homemade shank. look at me, i’m the next martha: the prison edition.

make sure your volume is up loud enough because i tend to mumble (yes, my career as a stage actress is well on its way). let me know what you think. and don’t mention my terrible editing, i already know i suck at that.


  1. says

    I wish I was brave enough to vlog. I look like a fool on video…
    Anyway, there is something over on my blog today for you if you’re interested! No hard feelings if you’re not, I just think you’re awesome.

    • Alexis says

      thank you for the notice. do you have documentation of my amazingness so i can hang it up in my office? or actually behind my kitchen table because what used to be an office is now a bedroom for my son (i am so generous it kills me)?

  2. says

    First, I hate you because you are beautiful. Yep.

    And second, you are hilarious!! I guess I could vlog about Jessica’s hoohah. I think it would sound a little like your New York accesnt.
    Kristina P. recently posted..Dressing Down

    • Alexis says

      wait, you hate me? great, this totally ruins my chances of making it into snuggie of the week. i was pinning all my hopes for fame on that. boo.

      and i totally snorted when i read that jessica’s hoohah might sound like my new york accent. because that is EXACTLY how i imagined it, too. oh no…i just admitted that i have imagined something about jessica’s hoohah. does that make me a lesbian? thinking about a talking hoohah?

      we should do a collaboration vlog.

  3. Line says

    Buahahahaha! Its ok if your pigeon is not all there. I lived in Hawaii all my life and my pigeon is horrible. But I like that about myself. Haha! And I still remember in high school when you told me you talked in an English accent to fit in when you lived in England. You really do have a talent for speaking the “lingo” of the places you live in. 😉

    • Alexis says

      yesssss…i think that is one of the best compliments i’ve ever gotten, that you watched me make a fool of myself all the way to the end of my video. you are a true soldier, grace. if you ever vlog, i promise to tell you i watched it all the way to the end.

  4. says

    Baha! This was hilarious. I knew one of each of those chicks but I went to school all in the same city. Funny how that works out, eh?

    • Alexis says

      you knew all of my personalities when you were in high school? i hope you were nice to them. especially the british one, she’s very sensitive.

  5. says

    Funny! You sound like one of the girls from My Super Sweet Sixteen with the NY accent. Spot on!
    I want to do a vlog…you may have just inspired me, though I also would have loved to hear about the dead rabbit that was in your purse.
    LZ recently posted..Sucky is the new awesome

  6. says

    Love it! The NY accent is perfect! I hate to say I am an authority… I am not a native but I’ve been here for almost 15 years now.
    And can we hate you because you’re beautiful?
    (No, really, can we?)
    robin recently posted..Monday’s Muse: Jet Set

    • Alexis says

      no, you may not hate me for any reason, ever. but i happen to hate you because you live in new york and i live in not new york. poo.

    • Alexis says

      guess what? i can already do the minnesota. i lived there for a summer a couple years ago when my husband had an internship at general mills, and i had quite the romance with the accent.

      and it sounds like blogher is shaping up to be a rockin good time. what with all the sobriety, accents, and pizza. did i not mention pizza before? well, i will be eating a lot of it.

  7. says

    Unfortunately for me I frequently say, “What the whoo-ha?” totally innocent-like and now everytime I do, it will be tainted. And totally unrelated, did you by chance take a college senior course about Polynesia in Literature (or some such title). If so, then I finally figured out why you look familiar.
    The redhead recently posted..It’s a hard habit to break

    • Alexis says

      i am very sorry to have taken whoo-ha away from you. as a repayment, please accept my undying love of bradley cooper.

      and yes! i totally did have that class. nice to “see” you again. by the way, i hated it (the class, not seeing you).

  8. says

    Hey Alexis, Erica from Alabaster Cow sent me your way…I have been having issues with blogger & am thinking of switching to workd press, but don’t want to lose ALL the photos I have posted, and all my comments. Wanted to see how that went for you and if you had any issues! Let me know whenever you get a minute or two 😀

    Adorable blog by the way!! I will have to read up!!! I LOVE your title!
    Laury @ thefitnessriot recently posted..Acid/ Alkaline Food Balance

    • Alexis says

      it wasn’t so bad…i was nervous at first, but you didn’t see the first hour of footage that i shot that sounded kinda like this: ummmm, hahaha (nervous giggles), doo be doo be doo…

      you’re welcome.

    • Alexis says

      i love how you “didn’t mention the editing” yet still managed to bring attention to the editing. you suck.

  9. Crystal Hafoka says

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! this is freaaaakin hilarious!!! esp. the new york one!!! hahaha! reminded me of jersey girls. lol. LOVE the vlogging thing. u should do it more often!!!

  10. Jaime says

    BAHAHA I LOVE IT!!!! I like to think I have an ear for accents, too. My husband makes fun of me b/c I turn on my Southern one whenever I talk to my mom or my grandma. I could feel myself picking up the Utah one when I was out there, and now I sometimes answer in a Philly one if, say, the cashier at the grocery store makes small talk.

    • Alexis says

      you should give me my award at blogher, where we WILL be meeting.

      thanks, i’m loving the new look too–now just to find all my missing comments…grr.

  11. Janet Fonoimoana says

    That was hysterical. I had to watch it again today, and again I laughed out loud. I lived in New Zealand and Hawaii so I sometimes turn on those accents too, but the one that was SO funny was the NY one!! Loved the script too!

    • Alexis says

      script? that was no script, mama! that’s why the editing was so bad–i had to cut out like two minutes’ worth of me going, “errrr…what should i say now?” hmmm…next time maybe i should write a script.

    • Alexis says

      thanks ghennipher! i will most definitely be seeing you at EVO–i’m attending your panel! woot.

      talk soon!

  12. Vania Lautaha says

    ALEX!!! 3F’s my friend–FUNNIEST FREAKIN’ FLOG (that’s fob for VLOG)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gawwwwsh…I LOVE IT–ALL OF IT. Please put up MORE ’cause I wanna see a VIETNAMESE accent (I’m sure you could give Anjelah Johnson a run for her money), a HAMO accent (aka FOBarilla), and hmmm…yes, I think I’d like to see more of NEW YORK please!! I also realllly loved seeing you in action…this is cool…please make more. :) Miss ya!

  13. says

    A, soooo you’re beautiful and funny! I loved it. I loved the accents. It’s why I think more people should be video blogging – it shows off a side of you that writing can’t. Hilar!!! Keep em’ coming:)

  14. says

    Alexis..I have missed you. Since you made the switch, I have not been getting my updates. I came on today to catch up on the last 2 weeks of posts. I love the accents…especially since you sound just like me in the NY one!! I think the vlogging is a great idea…gives us a chance to actually feel like we are getting to know you. Keep it going. And congrats on ur Theta Mom appearance!

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