suffer the children.


yesterday, my social media accounts exploded with updates about the lds church’s policy change regarding children of members in a same-sex marriage. in a nutshell, children of same-sex married or same-sex cohabiting parents are not eligible to receive a blessing (which usually happens some time in the first month of life or soon thereafter). in […]

in honor of national suicide prevention week, my story.


today, i feel good. i am uncertain about aspects of my future (as i always have been, i’ve never been a planner), i have insecurities about my weight/appearance/social status/intelligence etc., but i feel stable. i wake up every morning full of hope for the day. there was a time, however, when i had no hope […]

the bipolar mormon’s lament.

being bipolar is hard. being mormon can be hard, too. being a bipolar mormon is, at times, complete torture. a lot of people with bipolar disorder become hyper religious when manic, either as a coping mechanism to deal with psychological pain, or as part of delusional thinking that is a trademark of psychosis. i sometimes […]

this is what depression looks like.

Alexis and Olivia

when i was first diagnosed with depression, i made the difficult decision to be honest about my condition with family and friends. the first thing they said when they found out i was suicidal was, “but you don’t seem depressed at all!” while i was happy i didn’t outwardly appear to be the wreck i […]

my name is alexis lesa, i hate the “modesty movement,” and i’m a mormon.

so when i saw this blog post with the title “modest is NOT hottest,” i was all yay! someone is going to talk about what a horrible slogan for a movement that is! and then i read the post, and i was like, nope. worst post about the modesty movement i have ever read, EVER. […]

on being fat.

it’s been a long time since i’ve written. when i was at my lowest with postpartum depression, blogging helped me through some of my worst times, and that’s why i’m starting up with depressionsandconfessions again. i miss the outlet, i miss the creativity, and most of all, i miss the people. i know it’s been […]